The Apocryphal Of Lazarus

Lazarus, risen from the dead, faces the dilemma of finding purpose in life until Christ returns. In his quest for peace and solace from the loss of loved ones along the way, he finds great satisfaction in shipbuilding, vineyards, and other enterprises in Cyprus, France, Spain, the New World, New Orleans, Boston, and England.

Over his long life, Lazarus marries, has children, watches them grow to adulthood and give him his first grandchildren. They age and die, leaving Lazarus alone, traveling and plying his trades, until he marries again and the story repeats—children, grandchildren, and the deaths of more loved ones.

He travels with Cortez, fights in the conquest of the Aztecs, and struggles to protect native peoples against the Spaniards in California and New Mexico. He journeys east to New Orleans where he works to establish the first healthcare system. In the midst of the Battle of New Orleans, he tends to the wounded. He moves to New England and participates in building the hospital system in Boston.

Compounded with personal tragedies, Lazarus faces another dilemma because he does not age. He is forced to devise disguises to protect his ageless state or leave and start life anew where no one knows him.

Between the lines, Lazarus never loses his true mission, spreading the good word about Jesus and His life as Lazarus knew him in childhood.


Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

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The Apocryphal of Lazarus is a work of fiction in the historical and literary subgenres and was penned by author Pablo Zaragoza. The work is best suited to the adult reading audience for its complex themes and serious emotional content concerning death, faith, and torment. As the title suggests, we follow the biblical figure of Lazarus, who finds himself risen from the dead and leading an endless existence on Earth. As our central protagonist awaits the return of Jesus over thousands of years, we journey through human history with Lazarus while he marries, has children, and sees all his family die, again and again, starting from scratch in his ever-more-difficult ageless state.

Author Pablo Zaragoza has created a fascinating in-depth study of the nature of human life, the power of faith, and the themes and central messages of Christianity in this fascinating work of fiction. What struck me most about the work was the commitment to deep thought into the emotional and psychological damage done to the ever-waiting Lazarus as he goes about hundreds and hundreds of years of life on Earth without end and without being spared the suffering of the mortality of others. Some especially poignant moments relate to the true meaning of life, and the literary style of the work highlights these with contemplative and very descriptive moments. Religious or not, readers will certainly enjoy The Apocryphal of Lazarus, and I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in deep-thinking stories that take history and religion in their stride.

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