A Spider's Web



A Spider’s Web

Diary of a Senior Online Love Scam

Based On A True Story

Bessie Larson, in her mid-seventies, enjoys a happy single life post-divorce. She regularly meets people online but does not dabble in online dating. She has a full and busy life as a freelance writer. In the back of her mind, however, is a desire for a lasting love. Maybe it isn’t too late.

Bessie is part of a growing number of older women – and men – who unwittingly become involved in online romance scams that start by becoming trapped in a virtual embrace of loving words. Soon, however, the scammer’s lust for money sets in, and the prey succumbs to financial loss, to the tune of many millions of dollars each year.

The diary format of A Spider’s Web offers an accounting of eighteen months of love skillfully won, and both love and money painfully lost. The author includes tips and recommendations, along with the latest FBI warnings for senior women – and men – caught in online romance scams.

This is Bessie Larson’s first book.