Matson Case No. 2

“Set in 1950s NYC, the hero fights crime amid racial tension and the rise of Nazism. A fascinating story, packed with suspense and plenty of intrigue.”

Matson’s forensic boss, O’Neal, a crusty Scotsman, sends Matson to the crime scene in Manhattan, where he learns that three men, all with the same name, are murder victims, suspiciously in a three-block radius of each other.  He hooks up with his former partner, Harvey Smith, and the two cops plug into the world of spies, Nazis, and Operation Paperclip. 

In their investigation into the three murders, all revealing ties with Hitler, the two cops go to the FDA’s animal research facility, site of the three murdered men’s work on biological warfare off Lyme, Connecticut, namesake for Lyme disease.

Who murdered whom becomes a twisted riddle of love and covert operations—and protection of government secrets. Will the truth ever be known? Matson and Smith, in their search for the answer, venture off to the FDA’s Animal research facility, site of the three Nazi scientists’ work on bacteriological warfare off Lyme, Connecticut.

In the familiar sub-plot to the Matson series, he continues to advance in the police ranks, despite ongoing discrimination during the pre-Civil Rights era of the late 1950s. Sissy, Matson’s wife, begins her education in earnest toward becoming a highly respected psychologist.


Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite

“Matson’s Case No. 2 by Pablo Omar Zaragoza is a historical murder mystery and the second in a series. Matson is sent to a Manhattan crime scene by O’Neal, his boss. There he finds three murder victims, all bearing the same name, all within three blocks of each other. Together with an old partner, Robert Smith, the two men find themselves deep in an investigation that reveals ties to Hitler and Nazism. Visiting the FDA animal research facility, they investigate work that all three victims were doing on biological warfare. As the investigation deepens, they find themselves dealing with a riddle – who murdered whom? What is Operation Paperclip? What government secrets are being protected? And who are the victims?

“Matson’s Case No. 2 by Pablo Omar Zaragoza is set in 1950s New York, with a black police officer fighting crime amid racial tension and the rise of Nazism. It’s a fascinating story, packed with suspense and plenty of intrigue. The main protagonist has many talents that shine through in this, the second in a series, although I have not read the first story.

“The book is filled with historical facts about Operation Paperclip, a genuine JIOA program, about how Lyme disease was introduced into the USA. This all adds depth to a story that is exciting and unique, with some very credible characters developed into likable, relatable and real people. Filled with action, the story is based on the deduction and investigation skills of one man and this makes for fascinating reading. Highly recommended for anyone who likes a story they can get their teeth into; a story that will grip them from the start.

2019 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards