An Infectious Game

“Zaragoza has a remarkable knowledge of medicine, science, and history. This thriller will have you on the edge of your seat till the last page.”

When a neighbor man molests young Zoe, an ugly duckling, she gains the means to build a private laboratory to explore microbes, eventually eliminating the predator and realizing her passion to use her tiny ‘friends’ to murder those that bully, persecute, harm, threaten her, or stand in her way. A sophisticated, multi-layered woman seemingly living in darkness, she slowly transforms into a serial killer.

In Paris, a chance encounter with a man connected to the underworld results in a company that provides terrorists with the tools to eliminate their enemies. Zoe meets a man who is connected to the underworld arms trade, and they form a company that provides terrorists the tools to eliminate their enemies. As a urologist in a reputable hospital in Manhattan, Zoe uses her micro-friends to exact justice in medicine and marriage.

Heartbroken by her infertility, Zoe finds her world unravel when her husband has an affair that produces a child. When Zoe murders her husband’s lover, one careless misstep launches an investigation that spans Key West, New York, Panama, and the Grand Caymans. To stop her from unleashing her deadly microbes, the NYPD, FBI, and other law enforcement agencies must locate her lab to ensure New York City residents are not the next victims in the woman’s deadly game.


5 Star Review By Lorraine Evanoff

Dare I say, infectious?

This infectious thriller is fast-paced, riveting, and original. From page one, the author is fearless, using esoteric medical jargon to build a terrifying world of biochemical weapons that one might expect to be difficult to read, but it is a real page-turner. The reader follows a group of hard-nosed investigators hot on the trail of local serial murders and international genocides.

The author, a former pathologist and health officer in the Florida prison system, lends disturbing credibility to this dark tale. In yet another accomplishment of the writing, being a murderous sociopath notwithstanding, the main character is very likeable, with motives ranging from selfless love to self-preservation.

If you’re like me and have a hard time with animal cruelty, you can skim or skip those short passages. But it is all a part of the fascinating reality of pharmaceuticals and bio-weaponry.

The author builds suspense and creates incredible tension with expertly crafted twists and turns until the exciting climax. The cliffhanger ending hints at a possible series. I hope so!

Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

 “An Infectious Game by Pablo Omar Zaragoza is a thriller that explores how a complex character slowly transforms into a serial killer in her pursuit of revenge. A pseudo-hermaphrodite who seems as confused about her sex as she is about her emotions, Zoe is molested by a neighbor. She builds a private laboratory where she explores microbes and quickly finds the means to eliminate her molester. She has finally found a tool she can use to eliminate anyone who threatens her.

 “An Infectious Game is a fascinating novel with powerful twists and characters so elaborately developed and compelling they will have readers following the story with undivided attention. The protagonist caught my interest because of her unique nature and skills. She is a sophisticated, multi-layered character with a darkness that seems to envelop her and a sense of self-worth that borders on self-loathing. It is interesting how her shadowy nature develops in the story as the tension mounts and the conflict becomes complex. Pablo Omar Zaragoza has written a story that is original and that grips the reader from the first page and forces them to keep reading until the exciting denouement.”

2019 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards