Armageddon: An Apache Story

“Zaragoza weaves Apache, Christian, and other traditions into a dark story of how evil – true evil – can come into the world. This is a great book.”

Bal’am possesses young Luis on a spiritual quest in the Apache Medicine Society whose members embrace oneness with nature.

Upon entering Luis, Bal’am begins his reign of terror and destruction. Luis lands in prison, and through Bal’am’s deceptions and brutality, he usurps control of the Mexican Mafia.

He also morphs into Reverend Bronco, a fame-driven televangelist who affords demons the opportunity of possessing the innocent. He builds a mega-church, from which he spreads his evil words to the world via televised broadcasts.

There, Bal’am sets his eyes on Luis’s young daughter, Raven. By impregnating her, he knows he can dwell in the well of the soul. Though still possessed, Luis thwarts Bal’am’s diabolical plan, at least temporarily. The demon eventually overcomes Raven, and now possessed, she finds a mate, conceives, and incarnates as Emmanuel, who launches a life of destruction.

Emmanuel forces the band of believers to seek him in different places. They use Apache and Christian traditions to ward off evil wherever it lurks and to hunt for this incarnation of evil. 

Time is running out.


Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

 “Armageddon: An Apache Story by Pablo Omar Zaragoza is a wildly imagined yet mesmerizing supernatural adventure of the Prince of Hell in his quest to return to heaven. For Bal’am to be redeemed he must become human, that is, he must dwell in the well of the soul. In this narrative, he possesses Luis, a spiritually rich young man in the Apache Medicine Society. Bal’am transforms the young man into a monster that leaves nothing but terror in his wake. He transforms into Rev. Bronco, a televangelist whom he uses to unleash his demons into souls of the innocents. Bal’am’s ultimate design is to become one with Luis’ young daughter. Will he succeed or will Luis stand in the way, and can the group of believers succeed in stopping the reincarnation of evil? Time is running out as the darkness encroaches. 

“The authors did a wonderful job with this story and I enjoyed the spiritual themes skillfully developed in Armageddon: An Apache Story. It’s the tale of a powerful spiritual battle and it offers insights on possession, the quest for redemption, and the end-times. The conflict is phenomenal, deeply spiritual and with far-reaching implications. Readers won’t find it difficult to feel emotions when they encounter Luis and other characters. The horror is exacting. The chill bites as the sense of despair grows stronger in characters confronted with an unimaginable evil. This is a story with a strong appeal to fans of horror; well structured, and cunningly plotted. As one reads through this narrative, one is confronted with a story that takes place in the human soul every day. It is gripping and inspiring.”

2019 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards

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