Casi Di Nova

“Zaragoza has written an entertaining book, about an unlikely Mexican hero. One of the better romantic comedies I have read. Recommended to romantic comedy fans.”

Casi, the pudgy owner of a dreary cantina in a dusty Mexican border town, pines over his failed attempts to transform it. He teams up with a handsome waiter to offer love online to American women for their financial support of some fabricated plights. When four women respond with hefty sums, he remodels his restaurant and home and transforms the entire town.

Through unrelated events, the American women become suspicious of their heartthrob and go to Mexico to confront him. The bartender escorts the women around town and shows them how their funds not only changed the town but also improved the lives of its residents. They enter into business partnerships with Casi, the town’s newly acclaimed hero, and attend his wedding.


Reviewed By Samantha Gregory for Readers’ Favorite

“Casi Di Nova by Pablo Omar Zaragoza is the story of Giacomo Casanova Sanchez, a man living in a small town on the Mexican border. He works in a small cantina but he dreams of making his life and the lives of those around him better. The story opens with the ghost of his mother praying for her son. She wants him to have more in life. I liked how the story developed; one wrong decision by Giacomo gets him out of debt, but when the benefactors find out, he is in trouble! The supporting cast was great, and the dialogue between them was natural and funny. Armando just wants a job, but suddenly finds himself dragged into a scheme to trick rich women out of their money. The confrontation, when they find out the truth, was very funny and well written.

“Pablo Omar Zaragoza has written an entertaining book with Casi Di Nova. I liked the characters, they were well developed and the story was interesting. I don’t read a lot of romantic comedy, but this would definitely be one of the better ones I have read lately. Giacomo is a good person at heart; he just wants to make people’s lives better, but his plan backfires. I enjoyed the book and kept reading. I think it suits the romantic comedy genre and could do quite well as it is something a little bit different to what is out there now. I would recommend this book to romantic comedy fans.”

2019 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards

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